#20: Weekly update on digital private equity

Winter is here. ❄️

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🔦 Promising assets

Again, I found a few interesting digital assets to buy.

Domains with existing authority:

Buying domains with existing SEO authority can give you a head start. Why?

BeaconInside.com (<$50, expires 01/03): although the Google beacon platform was deprecated as of December 7, 2020, this domain has quite some solid backlinks you could benefit from. Previously run by a startup this domain has caught quite nice backlinks.

Examples: developers.google.com, security.googleblog.com, Fraunhofer.de, Wiwo.de and more. See here how the domain was used before.

Domains to build a brand on:

Those domains have no SEO authority yet but are great to start something new on.

  • Showlife.com (<$400, ends tomorrow): are you interested in the show biz? Thought about starting an online magazine?

  • LingerieShop.com (<$3,000, ends 12/28): I guess I don’t have to explain much here, do I? 😉

  • NatureBased.com (<$50, ends 01/04): A perfect domain for a blog, natural products, anything outdoors really.

Brain food

Read 📚

  • Nearly $1 billion in fresh capital has been committed in 2020 to firms looking to acquire Amazon sellers and brands. Read the article. I n s a n e.

  • By launching its offering Treasury Stripe does to banks, what Twilio did to the telecommunications industry: it reduces a bank to an API endpoint and strips a bank from its direct customer relationships. Breathtaking.

  • The Passion Economy and the Future of Work by Andreessen Horowitz. Great read on how the passion economy will continue to grow and help individuals to leverage their unique skills and knowledge to generate income.

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