#7: Weekly update on digital private equity


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🙌 I bought a new content site this week

After a few days of negotiation, I was able to secure a lovely content site for a monthly profit multiple of 21x. The site is currently monetized via Amazon affiliate links (yes, I factored in the drop in commission rates) and Display ads, saw a lovely growth during recent Google algorithm updates.

What will I do first?
Technically, I don’t need to do anything, but sit and wait until 21x months are over.

While I am waiting for the migration process to finish, I thought about what to do next in order to recoup my initial investment even quicker:

  • Conduct basic on-page SEO optimization (via Ahrefs.com)

  • Analyze and improve the page speed of the website (via GTMetrix.com)

  • Review the Amazon affiliate link placements and optimize UX (not sure how yet)


  • Find a writer and slowly add more content (via Upwork.com)

  • Optimize the internal linking to let the SEO juice flow more nicely (manually)

  • Replace/add a different affiliate program to increase revenue per user (manually)

What else would you do?

🔦 Promising assets

This week I was busy finalizing my recent deal and migrating the acquired website to my servers. So this section is a bit shorter as usual.


  • StopDrinking.com (currently at $4.050, ending in a few days) - why not start a digital version of Alcoholics Anonymous? ✋🍷

  • AuditService.com (currently at $335, ending in a few days) - why not start a productized service on auditing things? For example, audit my website, audit my UX, audit my books?

  • HowToFixIt.com (currently at $95, ending today) - Why not offer repair manuals. Could be a YT channel or tutorial website!


  • None this week. The ones we looked at were not good enough to be presented here, unfortunately.

🗞 News & interesting finds

  • 🔥 Build a Website or Buy One that's Already Working: Great podcast with Mark Webster from AuthorityHacker.com and Dom Wells from Onfolio.co.

  • Really good episode by the Niche Pursuits Podcast - How Jon Dykstra Makes $50k Per Month Without Link Building (Ep. 178). See here.

  • Follow Benas on Twitter. Great SEO insights and here is his podcast on how he sold an affiliate website for $14,000.

💪🏻 Improve your due diligence skills

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👌 Quote of the week

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