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Buying websites and digital assets, in general, is a very lucrative way to build wealth. While the “old money” is still focused on buying traditional businesses (with a few exceptions), this is the new way to invest.

So if you look for an alternative career path at a big firm, or feel that founding your own startup is too risky, buying small digital businesses and running them can be a compelling third path for you.

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👋 Who runs this publication?

This publication is run by me, Alexander Hoffmann. You can find out about my backstory and my current main gig on LinkedIn.

🔦 Where do you source your deals?

From multiple sources. Among them are the big names (e.g. Flippa, Empire Flippers, and so on, but also private brokers and cold outreach).

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Oh, yes! We just started to build one. Get early access.

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