#11: Weekly update on digital private equity


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🔦 Promising assets

Another week, another list of promising assets.

Domains with existing authority:

Buying domains with existing authority can give you a head start when it comes to SEO and resulting page rankings. Why?

  • Widgetbox.com (<$3,500, ends at 9/5/2020): incredible domain rating of 82 🔥, with 32.5m backlinks (12 governmental). This domain is simply amazon from an SEO perspective and potentially even more valuable if you are already or plan to enter a similar space.

  • PDFZone.com: (<$4,500, ends at 9/3/2020): Domain rank 53 with >8,000 backlinks. Are you offering anything PDF related or plan to do so?

Domains to build a brand on:

Those domains have no existing authority yet but are great to start something new on.

  • Recharged.com (<$350, ends 10/09/2020): No backlinks, etc. yet, but still lovely for retreats, yoga, or something similar. Great price but also quite a few days left in the auction!

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🗞 News & interesting finds

💪🏻 Improve your due diligence skills

🙌 Update about my content site

  • Installed this Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin to optimize the look and feel of affiliate link placements in my content

  • Compiled a list of promising keywords (differentiated by persona types & search intent) and started to write the first new articles

  • Decided to go with Ezoic for now, currently setting it up

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