#8: Weekly update on digital private equity


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🎓 New Course: How to Buy an Online Business

I have started working on an online course as quite a few people have reached out to me with various questions about the buying process.

Here is a preview of the course content:

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🔦 Promising assets

Have a look at the promising assets we found on the markets this week.

Domains with existing authority (why?):

  • Reals.com ($5,300, ends 08/05) - very strong SEO backlink profile, Domain authority of 54, with 757 referring domains (e.g. Time.com, TheBalance.com). Excellent opportunity to start a venture in online real estate.

Domains to build a brand on:


  • EngineeringCopywriter.com (Current Price: $87,500 / Views: 1,506 / Watchers: 49): Are you interested in productized services? This 2 y/o website offering content writing services could be a great start.  Based in Australia, the link profile is still quite weak, but it’s a great business model with recurring up-front subscriptions(!)

🗞 News & interesting finds

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🙌 Update about my content site

The migration is still ongoing as we wait for the domain registrar transfer to finish. In the meanwhile, the investors.club team replaced all affiliate links to mine already and I am eagerly waiting to make the switch to my servers.

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👌 Quote of the week

Read the entire thread here. Great perspective on strategic acquisitions!

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