#13: Weekly update on digital private equity


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🔦 Promising assets

Another week, another list of promising assets.

Domains with existing authority:

Buying domains with existing authority can give you a head start. Why?

Domains to build a brand on:

Those domains have no authority yet but are great to start something new on.

FreshLogo.com (<$150, ends 9/16): Does your company need a fresh logo? Why not start your own productized service business?

Website to buy:

ScienceforSport.com (preview website)
Current Price: $500,000 - Views: 17,236 - Watchers: 296

Science for Sport is an online-only sports science education company. See a video of the seller describing his company.

What I like 👍:

  • The business model. Online content subscriptions & courses have nearly 0 costs of distribution and can therefore nearly scale infinitely if you are able to get the right traffic.

  • The multiple. The net revenue multiple is currently 26.9 (in other words: keeping costs and revenue stable you can recoup your initial investment within approx. 27 months).

  • Paid acquisition metrics: Customer Lifetime Value of $230, Customer Acquisition Costs of $11. You make a nice profit per customer at a relatively fair churn rate of 7.4%.

  • Good SEO authority. See below:

What I don’t like 👎:

  • The competitive space. Thanks to COVID-19 the competition in the (already fierce) fitness space is further heating up.

  • Has been listed / sold already in January?

My verdict: 4/5

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