#9: Weekly update on digital private equity


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🎓 Course: How to Buy an Online Business

Want to learn how to buy an online business?

I offered 25 early preview slots to my upcoming course last week and just made a few additional slots available:

👉 Get access to the course ($19 for early testers)

Where should I advertise this course when I am done?
Just let me know by replying to this email.

🔦 Promising assets

Have a look at the promising assets we found on the markets this week.

Domains with existing authority:

Buying domains with existing authority can give you a head start when it comes to SEO and resulting page rankings.

  • Fanbase.com (DR 40, currently at 6.488 $ USD, expiring in 6 days) with 217k (!) backlinks from ESPN, Wikipedia, BusinessInsider.fr, and others. Expect bids to go up much higher, but still great domain. It was an “online crowdsourced almanac of professional and college athletes” (background info).

Domains to build a brand on:

Those domains have no existing authority yet but are still great to start something new on.

  • Supporters.com - also amazing. Currently at 4.650 $, expiring in 6 days. Seems to have been offline for a while (see here).

  • Bodyhacking.com - currently at only $42, expiring in 5 days. Want to become the next Tim Ferris?


  • No great finds this week, but I was quite busy with the course and the site migration too (so I might have missed some). However, a recommendation for a good marketplace, which is not so popular yet: investors.club. Go check it out!

🗞 News & interesting finds

💪🏻 Improve your due diligence skills

🙌 Update about my content site

The new site is now live on my servers and I am currently in the so-called inspection period where I have time to look for any faults. The good thing: if I find any and are not happy with the purchase, I can still step back from the contract.

However, everything is looking quite good so far (Amazon Associate revenues are coming in). My servers (at WP Engine) are even faster than the ones from the seller (WPX). Next week the inspection period closes and I am doing my first optimizations. Stay tuned for more!

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