#14: Weekly update on digital private equity


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🔦 Promising assets

Another week, another list of promising assets.

Domains with existing authority:

Buying domains with existing authority can give you a head start. Why?

  • StarsandCelebs.com (<$100, ends October 5th): DR of 68, 223K Backlinks, incl. 7 .edu links. Quite a powerful backlink profile if you plan (or already do) something related to the stars of this world. I expect the auction to heat up quite a bit, but maybe you will be the lucky one.

Domains to build a brand on:

Those domains have no authority yet but are great to start something new on.

  • CustomGlass.com (<$3,200, ends October 5th) - pretty self-explanatory and has a few backlinks already in place.

  • ModelCoach.com (<$30, ends October 2nd) - with so many girls wanting to become models, you might want to coach them by selling ebooks, courses, etc.?

Website to buy:

CharterFox.com (<$1,700)
Views: 323 Watchers: 39

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🔬 What I like & don’t like:

  • From a trustful source: Mushfiqur Sarker is a known seller, runs his own newsletter, and has a good track record on Flippa (>130 transactions)

  • Good beginner site with quite a few keywords ranking already on #1 (e.g., pontoon trailer tire). Quite a few easy technical things to fix waiting for you.

  • Most likely a seasonal business - people don’t like to spend too much time on the water in the winter🙅

  • Quite an active listing already, the price might go up too high 🙅

🌱 How I would grow it:

  • Change monetization to Ezoic to achieve higher RPM

  • Try to do outreach to build natural links

  • Add more high-quality content

  • Improve the look & feel on the website

  • Technical SEO & page speed (e.g., CDN)

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